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Popular Lettering Styles for Tattoos – List of Lettering Styles Adorned by Many Famous Names

The importance of selecting the right lettering styles for tattoos can’t be emphasized enough as they are crucial for expressing yourself in the right manner.

Take for example the tattoo that graces the left rib of Swedish football/soccer hotshot Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which was inked in classical lettering style and denotes the following phrase; “Only God Can Judge Me”. Truly a great statement and brought to an equally great effect all due to the appropriate use of lettering style.

Think for a second, would such powerful statement produce the right impact if it were conceived using unsuitable lettering styles such as grunge, bone or even block? I believe it would have significantly reduced the “oomph” factor of the tattoo and giving it a rather peculiar appearance.

Tattoos are not just a matter of flaunting stylish body art or a way of garnering attention. It’s about having a means by which to express ideas, experiences, and beliefs that you hold very dear to your heart. Many famous names and celebrities express themselves through letterings and images of tattoo art.

Here is a list of popular lettering styles for tattoos that graces the body of many famous names today and how you can source them at the comfort of your own home.

Latin letterings â?? Latin is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Tattoo lovers all over the globe decorate their bodies with Latin words in order to express themselves in an exotic kind of way. Soccer star David Beckham had the following phrase inked into his skin in Latin words; “Ut Amem Et Foveam” which translates to “So that I love and cherish”. I feel that such sentimental phrase befits the beauty of the Latin language and the effect would have been indifferent if the tattoo was engraved using other types of lettering style.

Arabic letterings â?? In my opinion, Arabic letters can make for terrific tattoo ideas mainly because they evoke a certain kind of exotic quality and thereby a worthy inclusion among popular lettering styles for tattoos. A lot of famous people are permanently stamped with them such as the aforementioned Zlatan Ibrahimovic who has a tattoo of his last name stamped in Arabic script. Heck, even Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt, has a tattoo of Arabic characters on the lower portion of his back.

Kanji letterings â?? Japanese kanji symbols are very stylized and full of expression, hence they are highly sought after and have adorn permanently on many celebrities including the likes of WWE pro wrestler Dave Batista, and popular American singer, Pink.

Chinese letterings â?? Well known folks that have Chinese script tattooed onto their bodies include Kiefer Sutherland, Tyrese Gibson, and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Chinese letterings are highly regarded by many tattoo enthusiasts simply because they are creative, expressive and cool looking too! There’s no denying it, Chinese characters are absolutely popular and will remain so for a very long time.

Finding truly â??unique’ and great looking designs to go along with the above-mentioned lettering styles for tattoos can be a painfully trudging experience. I’d highly recommend that you look for them online via tattoo art databases instead of the traditional tattoo shops or websites that offers cookie-cutter designs.

By the way, you can check out a couple of online tattoo art databases that offer a massive collection of unique lettering styles for tattoos. Just click on this link:


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